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About Us

We're all about understanding your business goals, engaging your customers and delivering results


Before Coldicott Freelance Training I worked on a number of large websites including Worcestershire County Council, The Environment Agency and more recently, Wyre Forest District Council. I was also a Training Consultant regularly delivering Customer Relationship Management training across the UK and Europe.

Most of my career has been spent learning about SEO, PPC advertising and writing compelling website and email marketing copy.

We offer more than just Social Media Training

Coldicott Freelance Training started back in 2010. This was when Social Media had really started to take off and many business owners and organisations were completely clueless about how best to use social media for their business, or if to use it at all.

My goal at that time was to give small, local companies the knowledge of which platforms were best suited to their businesses and how to start using them to communicate effectively with one another.


The past 8-10 years has seen an enormous shift in the way we communicate with one another. Social media is no longer considered another marketing fad but an embedded, accepted and often embraced form of communication that's now integral to all of our lives and a vital business communication tool.

Most business owners are competent tweeters aware of the types of content that's popular with their customers. Twitter-hours and hashtags are part of everyday business communication, not the enigma they once were just a couple of years ago.

Lessons learned along the way...

Working regularly with SME business owners and getting a real understanding of how (or often how little) they were actively promoting their business, I have learned and passed on a number of key points:

1. Getting the basic right - often companies need to review their current profiles and websites and ensure these are up to date and reflect the current business offering.

2. Realistic Planning - It's no good saying you're going to write a weekly blog if you never have time to do this.  Understand what resources you have and plan accordingly.

3. Softly softly catchee monkey! To succeed as a small business you need regular, consistent marketing that communicates what your company or organisation is doing at the moment.

4. Keep it real - We are sick and tired of the old marketing spiel, what we want are real customer stories, real reviews and emotional, exciting video marketing.

5. Current - To get to the top of any web page or social media account it's all about what you're doing now. Make sure you have an ongoing, long term plan.

We take care of your social media, so you don't have to...


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